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Fly Girls - the Documentary,  is the story of 5 flight attendants who have banded together to transition out of the cabin and into the cockpit by training to become pilots for a major airline.   Their goal is to change the statistics in aviation.  Right now only 6.9% of commercial pilots are female.    They have created a support group of likeminded women who help each other, rather than compete with each other to gain success.   Each flight attendant comes from a diverse ethnic upbringing, and has already defied the cultural norms expected of her gender, just by becoming a flight attendant.   This documentary will span five years of training, and life experiences as they journey toward their goal.  We will visit their cultural roots to Korea, Hungary, Romania, Mexico, Philippines,  and Japan as well as well as travel with them in-flight and get a bird's eye view on their new adventures and their training process.   In five years we plan to watch as each woman earns her wings and walks down the terminal and into the cockpit as a pilot.  Pilots in training make almost nothing, so the challenges these women face along the way will really push them to the test.  Do they have what it takes?   Will all five of them make to the flight deck?   I need your help to stay the course with them for all five years as they achieve their goals and become role models for the next generation of aviators.     

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In 2023 America faces the largest pilot shortage in history.   With many pilots scheduled to retire at age 65 next year, predictions are that there will be a shortage of 12,000 pilots by 2023, and if we don't engage female pilots into the mix, it will be difficult to bridge that gap.   Right now only 6.9% of commercial pilots are female, but with an inspiring documentary we are hoping to change the statistics.   




I have always faced many challenges as a female tv director, and saw the limited number of working directors even when I was still in college.   My college project documentary was entitled, "Breaking the Boys Network" and  was aired on PBS in Chicago even before I graduated college.   I was able to see the inequality between men and women, in many fields,  and as a tomboy, I never understood why there was such a disparity.    I liked to do a lot of the same things that traditionally boys did, and I still do today.    I have been a surfer for over 30 years and became a pilot in 2015 just so I could fly drones legally for my video production company.    So when I was on a surfing trip in Costa Rica, and met Jenny Phillips the star of my movie, and she told me her goals of transitioning from a flight attendant to a pilot, everything aligned for me and I knew I had to tell her story.    I love telling inspiring stories that could have a social impact.   I want to celebrate women and their achievements without casting any negativity on men.    

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